About Us

Everybody has dreams of making it big. Some want it more than the others. They hone their talent and look for a platform to show what they can do. Well the wait is over. Dream Catchers is that stage - A Singapore headquartered talent showcase platform, with global ambitions.

Dream Catchers will give you the opportunity to get closer to your dream.We will host your videos; be it in singing, dancing, playing an instrument, acting or being a stand-up comedian.

A combination of judge's ratings, combined with fan votes will determine whether you emerge among the top talents and upcoming artists. Dream Catchers’ judges will be experts and acclaimed artists themselves leaving no doubts that the quality of talent showcased here will only be top notch.

Dream Catchers will also reward the top talent with attractive prizes, adding gratification to your journey to success. Leaving only one thing for the talented with dreams - get sharp to show and to compete.

Dream Catchers welcomes you to a world of stardom. Your Dreams, Our Stage.